Work Is More Than Money; Life Is More Than Living

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How you are at home is how you are at work, how you are at work is how you are at home.

I focus my employment ads towards individuals who want to consciously live life to its fullest and desire an opportunity to catapult their life with a fulfilling career. I am always amazed when an interviewee presents their pre-canned work-life balance monologue. These individuals who are otherwise sluggish perk up the moment the average words start rolling out of their lips and are zealous about having ‘work-life balance’. Sometimes for fun, I ask them what balance means to them. Interestingly no one defines it quite the same way, but all of them want to be spending more time with their family, hobby, or other activity that they find valuable rather than obtaining new levels of professional opportunity.

‘I have a life’ is another quip of the modern drone who doesn’t see the value an opportunity can bring to their lives.

There is no separation between work and life. The fairytale of separating the two to keep ‘balance’ is a psychological conundrum.

For most that have bought into this lifestyle, the sheer thought of increasing their opportunity, productivity, focus and drive into their careers where they can be insanely successful is downright insulting. As a leader of people, I know my team members performance at work is exemplary of their performance at home. For example: If I have an employee who has performance issues at work, they typically have issues at home that are disappointing to someone if even themselves. Some of the symptoms can be late payments on bills or not getting grass mowed or dirty laundry piled up for days. If the person is organized and great at home, then at work their performance will be better. Work and Life must operate at maximum potential at every moment. Employees who have success at work go into the rest of their lives with a sense of confidence and power looking for new areas in their personal lives to create their ideal life.

Human beings can not simply decide to be someone during a certain amount of time, then decide when to cut it off exactly and then abruptly and regularly shut down or turn on elements of themselves.  I am all in all the time. I show up 150% for my company and 150% for my family and myself. This may look like an 120 hour ‘work’ week to some, but every interaction that I have with what is important to me is potent and over the top brilliant or in love.

“Leadership is a condition, not a position.” Erica Brister

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