Female Leadership, How To Manage Men

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The resounding declaration for my modern workplace is that only real men can work for a woman. I have only had unresolvable issues with men that have been gripped with insecurity, lack of confidence and/or needed a maternal surrogate. Therefore, I am left with a group of men who are talented, skilled, confident and comfortable in their own skin which is exactly what I want.

Managing men as a female requires fortitude and a skill set of clarity. Being a female leader of a company full of men, I have made strides in my leadership abilities because in order to get something done, I need to be able to get the men to do it. I am very proud to say that 25% of our workforce is women at U.S. Pest and they hold positions as executives, corporate, management, sales, administrative, and service. However, the majority of our team (and the pest industry) is of course my opposite gender whom I have found need me to get straight to the point.

Reducing the amount of time it takes for me to explain something has paid off in positive results. For example: I want my management team to produce as much revenue as possible every month because we are a performance based company and I want them to make bonus checks because of their great performance. One way to explain it is the way I just did. The best way to explain it is : If you hit 20% increase in sales over last year, you will receive 20% of the increase and make $25,000 as a bonus that quarter. Your job as manager is to make a lot of money through growth.

If you want to succeed in managing men and have a high producing culture, then the first step is to own the trait of clarity and make directness your reputation. The U.S. Pest roster is full of talented, educated, experienced and confident employees which is exactly why we are growing aggressively and our people make the difference.

LEADERSHIP IS A CONDITION, NOT A POSITION – Erica Brister, CEO, Entrepreneur & Leader

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