Doing Whatever It Takes To Lead Employees From Living To Alive

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Blood, sweat and tears is not just a tough saying to represent hard work. Being in business and in leadership requires a dedication to the mission of accomplishing success for the organization and the people at the organization. Some ‘leaders’ use their position as an excuse to not actually lead from the front. Don’t get me wrong, I understand managing the business and utilizing people to get things done. But sometimes, the leader must get on the battle field with their people to show unrealized vision and goals that seem hard to grasp.

Blood is spilled in leadership because fingers on inexperienced/immature hands, untutored elbows and soft heels of feet are subject to extreme exposure and different elements. From papercuts to bloody blisters inside a pair of Jimmy Choo’s or Chuck Taylors the leadership side of business is not a dog and pony show but is in fact a performance of physical sustainability in doing whatever it takes and trudging forward in front of and with your team.

Sweat is poured when the goal is near and leadership must trek and pull ahead to achieve the assignment. The air-conditioned auto pilot frontrunner is a travesty to an organization and has no place at U.S. Pest. As President/CEO and commissioned visionary of future opportunities for other organizations, I know what makes for good stock in a principal team member. All privileged roles work and all workers are privileged. Sometimes even being a CEO, yes we have sweaty armpits and a few droplets of sweat on our brow if we are involved in operations. The days it appears I have wet my pants from sweat because I am leading from the front in operations are the days when I must refuse to use my position as an excuse.

Tears are shed sometimes regularly and more often than not, alone. The effects of leadership are felt in all levels of leadership, from a lower level manager to a CFO at least it should be felt on a primal level if your trying. I’ve had several instances over the years where I’ve had experiences where I felt that only I could solve the problem and the solution was far beyond my consciousness so a single tear would drop out of frustration or omnipotentency of the problem. Other times, tears are flowing like a river in order to wash away the mind dam to progress forward in thought and find the solution.

Everyone says they want to be a leader, not everyone has the goods to sustain the experience long term. Life is meant to be lived completely humanly and with a ferociousness and intensity of what life represents, which is for a reason. Blood, sweat and tears are necessary in life just as much as it is in business. Major physical and emotional responses to life and your current environment are normal. A mature leader has had enough of these days, weeks and years to not be as deeply affected by the growing process. However, don’t let these ‘mature’ leaders manipulate your own growth process by being demi-gods and shoveling off their arrival to wisdom.

Trust yourself; you’re here for a reason

Learn from others mistakes, but go ahead make some of your own and get out front. Learn to love the blood, the sweat and the tears because they are signs of being alive and being invested in living completely.

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